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It was the 1st day of April, 1912 when the seed of Anjuman Wazifa Sadat was sown by two educationists named Nawab Mosin Meerza and Haji Syed Jilal –ud-Din Haider. They were the lecturer in the Aligarh College and later on at Aitcheson Chief College, Lahore.

The need to lay down the foundation of this organization was to provide monetary assistance to the needy and intellectual students of Shia community over All India Sub-continent.

It is honestly felt that it was the actual time to educate the Shia community of India to have respectable place in the society where the Muslim enmity was at its peak and the Shia were at the top of the list. Moreover, our Holy Prophet(PBUH) and the Aima Tahereen Alaihumesslam very much concentrated upon the need of education. So , it is the duty of every Muslim male and female to learn education For the establishment of any institution or organization the main factor is to manage the funds. The same situation was also faced by these two educationists. However, they managed to create fund from their own pockets. The amount which was contributed by them was Rs.4.50 (Rs.2/by Nawab Mosin Meerza and Rs.2.50 by Haji Jalal –ud-Din Haider) .This was about 2% of their one month salary.

The scholar ship was granted to the needy students as a Qarz-A-Hasna with out any interest or profit. This monetary assistance was not only for the temporal students but also for the students who were studying in the religious schools or Madaress.

In spite of global incidents like partition of India in 1947 and separation of East Pakistan in 1971 , the Anjuman, by the grace of God , continued its journey towards the success and now it has become a strong tree. Many of the Momineen got its fruit and many are getting

Funding & Membership
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The main source of funding is the membership and opening of different funds by the Momineen.

The various kinds of membership of the Anjuman is detailed below for the general information.

Ammomi Membership:- This member ship starts with the contribution of Rs.10/- per month or Rs.120/- per Annam.

Dawami Membership:- If Rs.2000/- is paid by a Momin he is called Dawami member of the Anjuman.

Murabbi-a-Anjuman:- By depositing Rs.3000/- one can be the Murabbi of Anjuman.

Mohsin-a-Anjuman:- A sum of Rs.4000/- makes a Momin as Mohsin-a-Anjuman.

Sarprast-a-Anjuman:- After giving contribution of Rs,10,000/-a Momin may call himself as a Sarparast-a-Anjuman.

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There is another fund Called Yadgar Fund. It is opened with Rs.5000/- at least in the name of deceased parents and other relatives, whereas, Mustaqil Fund can be opened in its own name by any Momin.

The actual amount of the Anjuman remains intact and the Wazaif are issued from the profit of the invested amount .However, the sum received in the head of Khumas or Zakat is disbursed by issuing Non- Returnable Wazaif.

All the donations and incomes have been exempted from the Income Tax by the Income Tax Authorities.

The Anjuman has its managing body called Karkun Committee.The members of the Karkun Committee are elected after every 3 years by the members of the Anjuman through vote. Anjuman has its President,Senior Vice President,Vice Presidents,General Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Finance Secretary, Secretary for Recovery of Qarz-a-Hasna (Shoba Wapsi) Publicity Secretary, Nigran-a-Aala, Legal Advisor , Ex officio and Nominated Members. The number of the elected members is 10 .. Nominated members are chosen by the Karkun Committee.

The Karkun Committee makes the rules and regulations, policies and solves the different matters pertaining to the Anjuman .

Anjuman has its own Central Office at Lahore and two Offices, at Karachi one is the Regional Office and the other is the Shoba Wapsi (Recovery office for Sind and Baluchistan)

The Shoba Wapsi Wazaif for Punjab,Khabar Pakhtun Khua is situated at Lahore.

The Anjuman has the honor to be headed by the great Shia Scholars and Ulma. Prominent figures of the community feel pleasure to join the Anjuman.

It will not out of place to mention that that Momineen who joined the Anuuman up till now were and are very much keen in the up lift of it. Consequently the Anjuman boost up at the present level and is now Al- Hamdolillah having a very smooth saling.

In 2012 Anjuman will Insha Allah celebrate its 100 years with great zeal. May God give it prosperity up to the maximum extend.Ameen.

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Building # 15-A, 9 Fane Road, Near Punjab Bar Council, Lahore.